We were sitting on a picnic bench at dockside on an Island in the waters between Washington State and British Columbia one sunny afternoon during my sisterís visit to my world when I shared my challenge with her. I have found a way of life that is richer and more beautiful than anything I had ever imagined. My world is so full of joy, peace, love and awe that some days I can hardly stand it. I have applied what I have learned in this life and at middle age I find myself facing quite a few decades of what looks like unlimited bliss.

The only thing nagging me still is my need to find a way to share my knowing with others and help them achieve the same high levels of love and life. I know that what I have achieved in terms of quality of life is accessible to others. Not everyone likes sailing in the rain I know but the tools to maximize the essence of life and love are within most peopleís easy reach.

These pages are about helping you and your community along the path to improving your quality of life through sustainability. They are not only about sharing my experience but also my knowing. Through them I hope to show you how your dreams are just within your reach.