My experience is all wrapped up in the moving train story. I noticed early in life that the train we are all on is continuously accelerating while heading straight for the abyss of global destruction. To draw attention to this craziness I first tried lying on the tracks and found that not many people noticed as the train ran me over. They were too busy looking at the scenery, taking care of family, brushing their teeth or sitting about in the bar car to notice where the train was actually going.

Then I thought if I pushed hard enough and got enough people to help me I could slow the train down and stop it. Maybe even get it to reverse course. No matter how hard I tried though I could never get more than a handful of people to stand in front of the train with me since, alas, the train didn't hardly notice our presence as it flattened us cold. 

Then I got involved in the community as a small business man through the auspices of community development. I found myself wearing a suit, running a exemplary small businesses that created employment in a community that had more than 25% of its workforce idle, and rubbing shoulders with government ministers and community leaders.

I found myself as the President and director of two offshore trade associations, co-chair of the community development committee of Voluntary Planning, and co-founder and then executive director of  "Vision - Community Initiatives for Regional Development". Now I was firmly positioned to push the train from the side and encourage it to change direction. Still my tireless efforts proved tiny and almost insignificant against the powerful momentum of the train.

After almost 10 years rest, focusing on the success of my own enterprise and actually doing instead of just talking, I tried one last time to change the course of the train by co-chairing the Remediation Subcommittee of the Joint Action Group commissioned to develop a strategy to clean up the environmental mess at the Sydney Tar Ponds in Cape Breton. Nothing had changed.

So now I have abandoned the train and am spending most of my time way out front, with the people that are laying new track. I sold my business to my apprentice and moved closer to my family. I now live on the west coast where I have found my love. I spend my time living the life of my dreams, working only two days a week and spending lots of time caring for the people and things in my life that I love.

I am learning to be at peace with just living my life to the best of my abilities, holding fast to my values and bathing in the joy that each day brings. I am learning not be critical of the thirsty stranger that chooses not to drink from my river of knowledge or the hungry friend that won't unfold out of his stoop to reach for the fruit on my tree. Instead find ways to shine brightly so that others may see the gifts that are theirs to share.