"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -- Margaret Mead

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 Over 100,000 people - Denver - Sunday October 26, 2008

For three generations the family of John McCain has served this country and we are greatful for their dedication and sacrifice. It is therefore understandable that John McCain sees the world through the lens of war. First and foremost he is a military man. That is why he has admitted to not knowing much about the economy and that's why winning militarily in Iraq, even though the war has cost us dearly and should never have been started, is his only option. John McCain has been raised with a hammer in his hand so its natural that to him all problems look like nails.

Barack Obama has been raised in a fundamentally different environment. The experiences that have shaped his thinking are not unlike those of a majority of Americans. He has seen the need for families to band together to make it through hard times. He has witnessed the dedication of a single parent who, faced with life's events, dedicated herself to the future of her children. He saw his grandparents look beyond skin color as they taught him the values that America can be proud of even at a time when racism was still front and center in the lives of most Americans.

The next president of the United States and leader of the free world will have a tough job to do. The legacy of the Bush administration has left this country in shambles. Most of the solutions to our growing economic crisis have not yet been invented. Life has taught Barack Obama to find common ground, set aside differences, work towards a common good and share our love for one another. It has taught John McCain to build might, fight the enemy, and segregate the world into those that are with him and those that are against him. And then he needs to win no matter what the cost.

The question in this election is all about which vision of America you share. Look again at the two bio's of the candidates. Ask yourself: "In the 21st century, through what lens do we want our leader to see the world as he makes decisions that will affect the lives of billions."

Biography of Obama shown at Democratic convention

Biography of McCain shown at Republican convention

  100,000 People - St. Louis - Saturday October 18, 2008

  Early in this campaign I sent an e-mail with 5 points of concern to all the candidates. I received only one replay. This 2 page reply addressed my concerns, point for point. The fact that it was written by campaign staff and not the candidate impressed me most. Here was a staff that felt truly empowered to act and present information freely and effectively. I know how hard it is to build a good team in an organization and this simple event convinced me that this candidate  had what it took to lead. The candidate? Barack Obama.

A great leader outlines the objectives, sets the tone, empowers the people, and builds confidence. Then each and every citizen, including all those that serve on his staff, can work on the details to get us there. It is this kind of leadership that we are finally seeing in this country. It is this kind of leadership that can inspire the world. 

Obama's campaign offers hope. Hope that a new day is dawning. Hope that we can end corruption. Hope that we can really change.


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