Ideas that could change the world
(or at least make you ponder/smile/think/cry)
"If the voice of reason does not engage in the debate, the voice of dogma wins by default."

This page is dedicated to posting ideas that encourage thought and exploration
so that they may replace habit and dogma in shaping our world.

But once again it has become apparent to me that to just talk about the issues, is to be part of the problem.
To be part of the solution we have to act. We have to put our values to work in our every day lives.
And so it is that you will find me spending more time building awareness in my own community than posting on these pages.


1) Turning the Media Inside Out

2) Open-Source Knowledge

3) Collaborate Health Care

4) Re-Industrializing the Planet

5) Rebooting the Public Square

After Shock

What now? Life after the economic meltdown.

Ralph Reed: From purgatory to Power

Tribalism in its most dangerous form.

The Darwin Economy

"Left Behind"
A documentary for the 99%

Part 2
Part 3
Robert Reich


The Trouble with


A call to end corruption and fix Washington politics.

A fantastic State of the Union.

A tribute
to the greatest president in my lifetime

The Last Heart Attack
Is Harper Selling the CBC?

A Brilliant Reminder from Douglas Adams.


Support Wikipedia

Why Religion Matters. This man is running for president!

Celebrate Life this Sunday
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What would Jesus Do?

Apathy Anyone?

Remember when GM and the "seven sisters" bought up all the streetcar companies to shut them down? Remember when Disneyland introduced the futuristic concept of "the people-mover"?  Well its morning in America again for this sensible form of transportation. Check out this link.



A political Science View

Right click to Download Tapestry A Call for Compassion
[mp3 file: runs 52:59]

"Preachers who are not Believers"

Right click to Download Tapestry - People Who Don't Believe In God
[mp3 file: runs 52:37]

Cognitive Dissonance and 911
an Essay


Pale Blue Dot

Why American Politics Matter... To the world.


Powerful Women

Fired Up!?

Black Money


President Obama's Plan for Financial Regulatory Reform



Is the Cult of Palin taking lessons from
Bin Laden?

A Historic Act of Compassion
For The Record 43

For The Record 44

Winter Solstice 2009

Opposition to health care reform.

Isn't it strange that in this age of information
the truth is so hard to find.

Who needs health care reform anyway?

Fox Noise

How do you design a system to govern stupid people...


Fox Noise

...when they sit on the design committee?

Midnight Snacking

Saving American Lives

Barack H. Obama

For The Record

Inside the Obama Whitehouse

Time to rise up?

GOP Miniverse



Frank Schaefer on Racheal
George W. Bush
There is much we can learn from the legacy of the Bush administration. 

Democracy Needs your Help

What does Bush have to hide?

Does Torture work?


Bible Worship


"Piece of Mind"

Looking Forward Mr. President

Whitehouse Press Briefings
Presidential Actions

An Eternal Optimist -
But Not A Sap

  Tom Vilsack the  Agriculture Secretary should watch this movie

Healthy Food Declaration

Millions against Monsanto

"Every being in the universe knows right from wrong."

The failure of our moral code is at the root of our peril as a species. We are self destructing because the moral code of the bible has failed us. Instead the Bible has taught us to accept the contradictions of dogma and abandon our own inner knowing.

 This might be an explanation for what's going on.

Electric Mini

 Drug Bust; the corruption of health care

Summer Solstice 2009

Tinkering School

The Grameen Bank

Limits to Growth

(Answer: Learn to THINK!)

Spring Equinox 2009
Jesus for the Non Religious by John Shelby SpongListen to an interview with Bishop Spong on Tapestry
(runs: 54:02)

The word of God

The Obesity Virus?

Winter Solstice 2008

The winds of change

Still have doubts about Global Climate Change?

Listen to this interview with the author of this book. audio filemp3

Spring Equinox 2008



Light can help to heal cancers and arrest eye disease. 

Listen to the interview audio filemp3 and click here for more information.

Lessons Learned from friends and family
(an essay)
Disarming the Terrorist
By Chris Hedges
New Liberal Order? 
 Did the revolt of the 60s give us 40 years of conservatism?
Subjects are not organized and categorized because that is how our world is. 
So explore and discover!
Where has all the money gone?

In this age of prosperity why can we still not afford something as basic as universal healthcare?

Supporting the new President
through the
The Transition

"Never doubt
that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world...


Cognitive Dissonance

Mistakes Were Made!
(but not by me)
check your blind spot!

        Recovery Loan Guarantees

Reforming Health Care

Build your own, well...anything!

Taking the Train in 2009 - Democratic Party Activists


The Entire Inauguration

Out of the mouths'...

Bailout Alternatives

Dear President Elect Obama

Are you caught in
The Spin Cycle?

Winter Solstice

Evolution for Everyone? 
It might be an explanation for what's going on.

A Place Called Earth

Is there room?

11th Hr! MYSPACE OR OURSPACE Pocket Neighborhoods

Buy Your Green Power Now

State of the Universe Address
Review the Science of
Global Warming

Ontario in the Creative Age
An opportunity in crisis.

"It is important to visualize the future we wish to inhabit."

The Boiling Frog 

This book is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the bible. Religion and Science don't mix. Or do they? It's human behavior that causes our environmental and social problems. To understand human behavior it helps to explore what drives us. Whether you are an atheist or a Buddhist, spirituality plays a role in your future. This book is a must read for anyone looking at the effect of food choices on our world.
The DaVinci Code

the book
or watch 
the movie

Does this happen to you?



Extra Somatic Experiences

An Angel
has left us...
A Chapter has ended.

Solstice 2005

 Self Respect..


...throw off 
the bowlines...

Things I had to do today

"If I were granted omnipotence, and millions of years to experiment in, I should not think Man much to boast of as a final result of all my efforts."

Parallel Universes through this
audio file.

The Gift
of Life

A Place called

To those who observe Love it is a thing of beauty. But to those who live it, manifesting it in their daily actions, love is the essence of being, love is life itself.

The Butterfly

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Rain falls
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Easter Island





are like


Before the
Are we setting good example
for the developing world?

The Cages

Bible Study 101

Bible Study 102

The Pagan Christ is controversial, yes but thought provoking as well. How important is mythology to our social structure?

Welcome to Planet Earth

The Pagan Christ by Tom Harpur

"Everything in this book may be wrong";
Richard Bach, Illusions

Why not
Eat Some Wind...
A small footprint food choice.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world"
- Mahatma Gandhiji -

Thanks Giving 2003

The Almighty

April 1st, 2004
A Letter to my Mother

"I believe that pure thought is competent enough to comprehend the world";

Neat Site Explores Space and Alternative Energy

The Bastion of

Winter Solstice brings thoughts to begin 2004

The last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

Spreading the
American Dream?

Rebuild Your Community Sell Your Car Love is a verb

Health in our Life

Quantum Mechanics

Whatever we do to nature we do to ourselves.
Whatever we do to ourselves,
we do to the world.
Short Term Thinking
"Eventually it all ends up at the dump." 

to begin 2003

Sustainable Recipes and Food Products Are you hearing what I'm saying?  Pay attention and smile
Finding your Love Transportation in the 21st Century

New Ideas in Sustainable learning

59 million years ago...
Think about the food you eat On the very first birthday
we ever have,
 there's no cake, no candles, no silly hat. 
We just show up,
and are handed 
a great big beautiful gift called Life.


 If I Knew

New Year's Thoughts


Tech Support Living in Peace

The ant and the grasshopper


More Galaxies

Death is a Gift

"You Humans, sometimes its hard to imagine how you made it this far."  Health
in our
Family Investing

Its so easy

Holographic Universe
Scientific American: Information in the Holographic Universe

Theoretical results about black holes suggest that the universe could be like a gigantic hologram
The number of grains of sand on the world's beaches is equal to the number of atoms in a single grain of sand. The Trouble with Muslim


Architect... and more.

The Growing Burden of Heart Disease and Stroke